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Merry Christmas!


And a happy new year to all too! :)

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Twas a busy bee last week,  but the internet’s been pretty buzzed about these adorable white and black creatures which kept me amused amidst the chaos. Here’s some of my links to check out if you havn’t already:


Sleepy Head

Fat Suns Alight!

Fat Suns Alight iPhone

Prior to  MiniSquadron, Tak was working on another game idea of his called Fat Suns Alight! The brief was simple: he needed a bunch of characters and some concept artwork to complement the prototype build he had done, so that he could pitch it to the publishers. Concept artwork for games was a whole new ball game to me,  but it seemed like a fun-type of challenge so I decided to give it a go.

However, Fat Suns Alight! never saw the light of day (get the pun?), but the lessons weaned from it did result in him producing the highly addictive MiniSquadron. As much as I would have loved to see the characters in situ on the game itself, I do like the bunch of  Fat Suns that were created and I’m sure they will probably come to life sometime in the future!

characters sample

View the suite of characters

Impressions of a French Gangster


Thats the look I’ve got nailed down from the French gangster films seen recently:

Left: Mesrine: Killer Instinct & Public Enemy No. 1, Right: Un Prophet

Of course its a pretty generic statement, but couldn’t help noticing they were carrying a similar look  (although you should check out the Guardian’s image gallery of Jacques Mesrine for the multitude of disguises he pulled off!).

While they both tell the story of a gangster’s rise to notoriety, they are still different enough to stand on their own.If you havn’t seen these 2 films (or 3 rather if you consider that Mesrine comprises of 2 films) they should definitely be ones to consider watching on the celluloid.

Mini Squadron – My planes

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and now that I’ve got some time, here it is! Below are some of my airplane design contributions to the addictive iPhone game Mini Squadron by Mr. Tak & Dave:

mini squadron planes

From top – bottom: Cherry Bomb, Blueprint and Greenwave.

Each have their own unique weaponry capabilities to defeat those zany enemy fighter planes and can be unlocked when you hit a certain score at different levels. Its highly addictive and easy to play and am still trying to unlock all the planes at the mo! (Of course, the ones I’ve designed have already been unlocked and deployed successfully in gameplay!)

Cherry Bomb’s my favourite and you get a sneak preview of her in this trailer here (the second plane featured):

And for those who already have iPhone, get your Mini Squadron now!!

Download Mini Squadron for iphone
Mini Squadron website

Mr. Brainstorm


Mr Booger


I think its an all-clear for me  this week.

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The clients…


Mocha Monster




The hippocampus is a major component of the brains of humans and other mammals. It belongs to the limbic system and plays important roles in long-term memory and spatial navigation.
- Wikipedia

The Family Wong


Florentjin Hofman Giant Plushies

I would be joyously happy to have these Giant Plushies by Florentjin Hofman lying about my home!


Imagine: you open the door and and to unwind, you could just do a short sprint (high jump style) and *plonk* – you are engulfed in plush, cushiony goodness…

Anyway, these plushies belong to an art project entitled Dushi, where in exaggerating the scale of these cuddly childrens’ toys, he transcends them into sculptural elements . Other works of interests also include the quirky Canard De Bain (Rubber duck) or the very clever Spiegelwand (Mirror wall) -  a pannel of mirrors are inserted into a forest to shield the ramblers of the industrial view lying behind it.

All in all, pretty whimsical & fun works.  Very enjoyable!

Florentjin Hofman

IdN Extra – From Sketch to Production

Its out! Some of my contributions last year has made it into this issue of  IdN Extra. Here’s what its about:

The making of a work of art: 50+ creatives from 11 cities brought together by the Cut&Paste competition review their own efforts, revealing the choices they made along the way – the inspirations, the mental blocks, the wrong tunings, the serendipitous discoveries. And how they might do it all again in a different medium if they had the chance.


For my bit, I reveal the thought process behind the Isolation piece. That aside, the publication itself is full of  interesting insights from the other creatives & contains a healthy dose of some excellent pieces of work. Well worth the purchase!

IdN Extra – From Sketch to Production

The Island That Taste Forgot

An amusing adventure we took – traversing our local village in Qala, Gozo to capture some kitschy house names. Here’s what we found:


What would you name your house?

View them in flickr